Over the last few years I’ve been working at developing my skills as a guitar builder or luthier, this is certainly not something one takes on lightly and I’m constantly humbled by the many masters of this art. It really is a craft that requires a great deal of dedication and respect for the materials used in the process, the instruments you build, and for the music they ultimately produce.

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To date I’ve focused my efforts on solid body electric guitars that I feel combine the qualities and playability of classic or traditional instruments along with some modern thinking and design elements.

In 2008 I designed and patented a guitar neck that allows for the exploration of some interesting creative avenues, all while preserving the playability and familiarity of a traditional neck. Though similar to certain eastern instruments in functionality, I believe my design provides the guitarist with the best of both worlds; the overall comfort of a standard neck with the added ability to create more unique and interesting solos.

With my design, you have the ability to bend the strings away (down) from the center of the neck in the high register. This freedom of string movement in the critical upper area allows for the creation of new licks or riffs by eliminating potential string collisions and allowing the guitarist to bend and combine strings in ways that can’t be reproduced on a straight neck. With this added ability, you can create some quite remarkable tones and musical combinations. The beauty of the design is that even with these additional capabilites the neck can easily be played with full standard or traditional technique.

Windsor Wedding Photographer Mike Kovaliv Photography
I’ve also designed and built the neck as a bolt-on replacement for Fender Stratocaster® and Squier® guitars and now also Telecaster® models. I’ve designed these necks to perfectly compliment the original instrument and to not require any modifications to the body.

If you would like more information about the guitars or necks please contact me through email.


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